THIS is what made Seinfeld angry

I think maybe it's kids like this that annoyed Seinfeld. The ones whose doting parents bought them the whole get-up. They had the perfect hat and chaps and pony to sit on. Yeah, I can remember being jealous of kids who supposedly had ponies. I was also jealous of kids who had ponies show up just for their birthday party. I never went to one of those parties. I only heard about them through the 6 year old tin can grapevine. I can't imagine what kids feel these days with some parents doing all but renting Cirque de Soleil for their oh so special little ones. It's really gotten out of hand.

little cowpoke_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

Do you think when this little buckaroo was off the horse he would take a half step forward and then BAM! right down on his face? I mean, the chaps are too long little dude? They have to be a good 6 inches too long. Not a dignified way for a cowboy to walk. Perhaps he had to hold them up like the hem of a dress. Of course his folks said "He'll grow into them", but by then was he out of the whole cowboy infatuation? Did he sell them to get parts for a 56 Chevy?

For those interested in collecting vernacular photography I'm tellin' ya this is a category. Kids on horses. Kids on live horses. Or maybe kids on dime store stationary horses. That might be interesting to collect. Don't think I've ever come across a snapshot of a kid on a dime store horse. NOTE TO SELF...new category.

And to end today's buckaroo post I give you Ragtime Cowboy Joe done as only Lucy could do it. Here's to the 1950s kids who loved cowboys and cowgirls!


  1. I have one of those photos with me on the horse. I assure you that the photographer supplied the hat and chaps. The poor pony was paraded all around the neighborhoods of the Vancouver area in the 60's. We are all on the same damned horse.
    I guess this was a popular theme all around North America.

  2. Gee, I lived in boring neighborhoods. No ponies. I always felt sorry for the ponies that had to stand around in the heat waiting to be ridden. Probably the worst I've seen is the donkey across the border in Mexico being forced to stand all day in one spot with a little cart attached. People get in and out of the cart to get their photo taken and the poor pony remains standing in the heat. The guy got really upset with me when I took a photo from across the street.