A HAT or a contraption?

Hats have always sort of confused me. Some look more like elaborate contraptions than a functional piece of clothing. If a hat is hard to keep on your head it seems to be the only function it has is fashion. Same with shoes. If you can't run in them when necessary they're just fashion, not function. Why is it we choose to put such contraptions at the top and the bottom of our body? Not sure there's an answer.

lady in salad hat_tatteredandlost
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The young lady on this RPPC is wearing a funny hat. Well, to me it's funny. It looks a bit like a salad bowl with the salad on the outside. She looks lovely enough, but what happened when she bent over? How many pins did she have sticking through her hair and hat to hold this on? Ever seen a hairpin? I imagine most young people have never seen those weapons of mass destruction. Some of them are lovely, but when I think of sticking a bunch of them on the top of my head I have to say a resounding "No!" This hat is perched. A perched hat.


  1. Perhaps she's a Conehead.

  2. Yes, yes, that's it! She's hiding her cone. Thank you for clearing it up. Now it all makes sense.

  3. That is so funny and cute. I will be posting hats worn by my ancestors - have already done a few - and there is one that looks as if it is a bird perched right on top. Those were the days when ladies really dressed up. Carol

  4. I did a book jacket design back in the early 70s for a book all about how full size dead birds were used for hats. Creepy. Dead bird on your head and dead foxes biting their tails around your neck. Times sure were different.