LEADED, not unleaded

A few years ago I found a box in the attic that contained the old fashioned leaded tinsel. Tinsel used on Christmas trees when I was a child. Another box contained the type of tinsel that followed in the 60s. The leaded was heavy and when it fell through the branches of the tree it made a noise. You knew tinsel had fallen. The later tinsel would move when you walked by the tree creating a breeze, but would rarely fall from its branches. The leaded just hung there. The Christmas tree in this found photo has leaded tinsel. It's heavy and lovely, each piece hung separately. You couldn't throw a wad of leaded onto a tree because it would usually fall through the branches, plus if it stuck it looked like a shiny birds nest. 

Do people still put tinsel on a tree? I haven't seen any in years. I don't think we have the time for tinsel anymore and that's a shame. Strand by strand, it takes time. I don't have the time.

Thank you to whoever took this photo because it brings back memories.


  1. I remember that tinsel well. I especially remember having to take it down strand by strand and lay it evenly in its box so it would be nice for next year. What a pain.

  2. Oh yes, putting it away was a challenge. Wrapping it around a piece of cardboard in hopes it would not get knotted.