EVERYBODY look over here!

So is the boy in the hat looking in the correct direction or not?

Is the one lad saying, "No! No! It hurts my eyes!"

You know, having a broken ankle means I can't go to the flea markets, the antique stores, or estate sales. Now, this has been a problem for me since the fall of 2013 when I tore the ligaments in my ankle, but over the past few months I've been able to stand for longer periods of time. Anyone who collects old snapshots knows how important standing can be. Now I'll be back to square one. No standing. I'm really bummed right now even thinking about this.


EVERYBODY look over here!

The question is…did they?

Deconstructing a family photo in four parts.


BREAKING is not hard to do

I've said before that one fear I have is of falling. Falling as a child is fun. Falling as an adult, not so much. And falling when you're able to get senior discounts is just a nightmare to think about. Well, my fear came true early this week. I fell. If anyone asks what happened I just say, "Dumdassery." I made a decision, after a mental discussion with myself in my car, to go back into the house for something before I took off for a few hours of necessary shopping. Bad call. Should have listened to the other voice that said, "Nah, just drive away." I fell in my driveway and broke my ankle. My life is now consumed with pain medication and vegetating. It's an inconvenience and certainly not high on the list of world problems, but it was a stupid fall and I haven't forgiven myself. A fall on a foot that had been damaged in 2013 when I fell and tore ligaments. So I don't even know if the ligaments were torn again. Who cares? In fact, the break is better than a tear because it should at least heal in four to six weeks. A torn ligament can last a lifetime. Believe me, I know. I'm now just an inconvenience for others.

So scanning photos for now is on the back burner. I sit and watch. I'm very good at watching. I will be like these kids for awhile. I'll just plant my butt in front of the tv and wait to be entertained or fall asleep from the boredom.

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I do wish I could see what they were watching. Hmmm…Howdy Doody? Popeye? Fury? Sky King? The Lone Ranger? Ohhhhh…Highway Patrol starring Broderick Crawford? Take your pick, but please don't make it a reality show. For that I'd have to break my brain.


CATEGORIES: Pets…specifically DOGS

The theme for Sepia Saturday this week also works nicely as a collectible vernacular photography category—pets and those who love them. Some people specialize in collecting photos of dogs. In fact, there are at least two books that feature nothing but photos of dogs. You'll find links to them in the left column available at Amazon (Photobooth Dogs and Dogs). I'm especially fond of the photobooth shots of dogs. My dog would never sit still long enough to have his photo taken in a photobooth. Shoot, I can barely get him to stand still long enough in the house to get a shot that isn't blurred. He's a puppy and has energy to spare. I'm envious.

These photos are both real photo postcards. They are from Donald G. Schnabel's family photo album, most likely taken in Ohio.

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I'm especially fond of this second shot. It reminds me of an image from a silent movie.

I doubt I'll ever set out to find snapshots of pets. If I find something that really speaks to me I'll buy it, but it's not a category I'll have to have. I've already got enough photos of all the pets I've owned over the years. They are the perfect category.

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CATEGORIES: Advertising

Another worthy and interesting category is to collect snapshots that include vintage advertising. In this shot you'll see Coca-Cola and Hershey's. A twofer.

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There is another category that could be started with this shot, but I'm not sure how successful you'd be in finding images. I'm talking about peeing on yourself. The little lad has had an unfortunate accident and will forever be rememberd for the pee on the front of his pants. Poor little fella…though I find it very funny. Don't expect a book from me anytime soon…then again, a book of unfortunate accidents could be a lot of fun!


CATEGORIES: Cross-dressing

Sometimes I really really really wish I knew what was going on.

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CATEGORIES: ROY ROGERS and DALE EVANS, Buckaroo and Buckarette

Sepia Saturday's theme this week is parades. The theme image is Russians marching. What can we say about Russia? They continue to choose megalomaniacs as their leaders. What is in the psyche of the Russian people that makes them constantly yearn for leaders that cross the line between right and wrong? It's a wonder.

I have parade photos to share, but they're of a man who stood for what was right and wore the white hat to prove it.

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were of huge importance in my life as a child. I still have good thoughts when I think of them. I recently discovered an obscure tv channel that shows old episodes of the Roy Rogers Show. I can easily sit down and get lost in one of the shows, mostly astounded by how really bad the acting and writing was. As a kid I never noticed any of that. All of the kids in the neighborhood would watch the show and soon be outside reenacting it around our houses; for that reason alone the show was of value. You watched the show and then ran outside. These days too many kids stay inside and stare at screens nonstop. I think we're going to have a lot of very awkward adults in the future who never really learned to socialize.

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These two photos were taken at the Rose Parade in 1947, thirty years after the theme photo was taken. Roy, Dale, Trigger, and Buttermilk…can't get any better than that.

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These photos are NOT in Buckaroos and Buckarettes.

Available at Amazon 


CATEGORY: The Quiet Art of Reading

This photo measures a tiny 2" x 1-3/8" and cost 25 cents. I found it in a bin that had probably over a thousand old snapshots. At first I tossed it as quickly as I tossed 99% of what I saw. But then something registered and I thought, "Wait, someone was reading in the shot." By then I'd already covered it with many other shots and had to meticulously sort back through the mess. Even when I found it I wasn't sure. The lighting in the store was not conducive to seeing minute details. My eyes were tired and dry and I just wasn't sure. But seriously, I figured for 25 cents it was worth it just to get it home and scan it. The reason it's so small is that it is a contact sheet of a negative, thus the reason you see the film sprockets.

Photos of people reading is a category that isn't easy to find. Sure, if you shop on ebay a lot of images will show up, but in the world of stores/flea markets, etc. the category of reading shots are very rare.

This photo is not in my book, The Quiet Art of Reading.