How many children did this woman have? SEVENTEEN!

And I guess it begins again…how many children did this woman have? In fact, how many generations of people walking the earth today are related to the seventeen children in this family? Think of the stories to be told.

And of course, there's another person responsible for these seventeen…the father.

I think you'll now see where his genetics were stronger in some of the children and how all the DNA got mixed together to create these fascinating people.

And for those who thought this might never end, I give you the family. 

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How many other children died? Was it a happy family? What were their secrets? Their joys? Their sorrows? And since Mike has kindly dealt with some food possibilities…what was dinner like at their table? A moment caught in time that none of them could have ever imagined would someday be viewed all over the world by strangers who would one day be fascinated by them.