and you take one shot. Only one shot. Film is expensive, so what is your one shot?

I give you polar bears in Stockholm in 1959. I'm betting it's safe to say these bears have all passed on. They are bears no more. But when they were bears, they were gorgeous bears.

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I'm guessing these bears were at the Skansen Museum zoo. Seriously, this is the ONLY shot taken at the zoo.


ROYAL SWEDISH OPERA, Stockholm in 1959

I've found a box that contains some photos of a trip to Sweden Betty's father took in 1959. I don't know if Betty was along for the trip because I haven't found any photos of who Donald Sr. traveled with. They're pretty much just boring shots of buildings. I'll admit I've done the same. Go on a trip and take photos of buildings that mean nothing to me when I get home, but when I saw them they seemed so significant. At least Donald wrote something on the slides or I'd be completely lost. He was a lot better organized than I ever was.

So, here we have the Royal Swedish Opera built in the 1890s. You can read about it here.

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Brother and Sister SCHNABEL

This shot is of Betty and her brother, Donald Jr., taken in March 1956. I don't know if Donald was younger or older than Betty.

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A SHOT of Betty

There are a series of photos of Betty outside with her father, brother, and some other guys who all have guns. I have no idea what they were doing. Possibly target practice, but there are no shots of them actually shooting the guns as I've shown in the past. Betty is not shown with any guns in this series. In fact, there are no images of her dad carrying a gun. So I'm guessing he was just carrying his camera with which he shot Betty.

Isn't it odd that we "shoot" photos? Where did that come from? Someone wise have an answer?

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All of the photos of Betty from the past few posts were taken in March 1956. Betty was around 31.



No, that is not an alien ship landing in Betty's yard. That is her dad's flash attachment. She is not alone.

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Betty quietly reading. Is there any other way to read than quietly? If you're reading out loud, it's usually quietly. 

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Reading, to me, is one of the great joys in life. To be transported to another place simply by opening a book. To learn something new by reading words on a page. These days so much reading is being done by using technology. Not in itself a bad thing, but too much reading with the aid of technology, for me, is unfulfilling. The technology allows too many distractions. Yes, you can be distracted when reading a book, newspaper, and magazine, but technology almost encourages distraction. If the author loses your attention for a moment in an e-book it's far too easy to simply click and check email or today's headlines.

Betty looks to have settled in for a long read. She has her tissues, her cigarettes, and several items on her lap to peruse. Let's hope the only distraction was her father taking her photo and perhaps someone offering her a cup of tea.



I have very little information about Betty Schnabel other than what was in her obituary. She passed away almost a year and a half ago. She might cringe at having her life exposed for all to see, but if it was a life worth living, and hers surely seems to have been one of those, then it's a life worth sharing.

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This photo, and the next several posts, are all from Ektachrome slides, not Kodachrome. Their color is very bad and I had to struggle to get even this to look somewhat decent. All of them are very pinkish. I have no idea why. I used Ektachrome a lot and have never found any of my slides turning weird colors. Perhaps it was in the processing. I really don't know.



Of course it's not a taxi, but what if it was? Or could it be what a long haul trucker looked like in Spain in February 1956? Nah, I don't think so. But I do think he might be hauling a barrel of wine. And could that be a hose that allows him to tap the barrel while on the road? Now that I'd like to see.

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This is from the Betty Schnabel estate collection. More countries to come, but next we'll have some photos of Betty.