SNIFFLES for Christmas

Unfortunately I've been hit with a nasty cold right when I needed my energy most. No tree. No cookies. Most presents not bought and shipped. And I'll be frank, I worry this is the last Christmas with my father. Can't complain. Mine is just an inconvenience. But dang!

So no real participation in Sepia Saturday this weekend, but I wanted to make sure I posted part three of the Victorian Christmas image.

I give you a young Paul Simon and Paul McCartney. No idea what's going on. Who'd have thought these Time Traveling Celebrities would be caught as children?


  1. Amazing shot, indeed! (And hope you're feeling better...)

  2. Made me smile. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. So sorry you gotta be sick this time of year. A bummer for sure. It may be just a cold, but there's nothing really 'just' about a cold. They're miserable things. Hope you're feeling better soon! As for the photo of Paul and Paul - what a find!

  4. Get better soon. Great photoshop job on the Pauls.

  5. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Great image, great imagination.

  6. Hope you feel all better already (or soonest if not!)

    The one on the left looks like a Vulcan... perhaps Spock's father?

    1. It was a strange cold with a different complete symptom each day that did not bleed over into the other days. Sore throat on Friday, stuffy nose on Saturday, hacking cough on Sunday. Today, other than being very tired, nothing else. Could be the probiotics my specialist has me taking helped. All I know is it went much faster than I'd expected.

      And yes, I too saw a Vulcan when I first bought the photo.