Did someone say TURKEYS?

The most turkeys I've ever seen grouped together in the front yard was around eight-five. That only happens at certain times of the year, specifically the springtime. I think you can guess why. It's like a bad night at a sleazy bar when they all get together. You feel sorry for the young males because they're not even allowed to fan their tails and parade.

I have one turkey I call Norman who was most likely born last year. He's too young to fan dance so he comes and sits quietly on my front lawn in the shade by himself. A year ago I had two males I called Frank and Beans. Frank knew his name and would come running when I called him, Beans was younger and hadn't fully grasped that the old woman with the container of seed was his friend. I try to not get emotionally attached to my turkeys because there are things that go bump in the night. If you've never heard a flock of turkeys screaming in the middle of the night be glad.

As to the male turkeys in this slide…if they all started talking at once…a cacophony of birds…with the help of a little auto tuning and a repetitive beat…sure fire hit on iTunes.

Click on image to see it larger.


  1. Oh my that is a lot of gobble, gobble, gobble....going on!

    1. Indeed. I'm wondering if the females were fenced in on the other side of the road. Imagine this flock taking off to get to the other side.

      Why did the turkey cross the road?

  2. Goodness... that's a lot of Turkey!!

    I've only seen a flock of about 8.

    1. Have you seen and heard them flying? That's a real sight to see.