Who would live in a NON-PONY COUNTRY?

I bought this boy on a pony at a flea market. It really made me laugh because he looked so disgusted. Was it the smell of the pony he disliked? Did he think the photographer was annoying? Perhaps he had just seen the pony episode on Seinfeld? Okay, I can imagine this boy on a ship coming into New York Harbor, sailing by the Statue of Liberty...on his pony. This would end Seinfeld's claim that no immigrants arrived in this country aboard a pony. And this boy is disgusted that Seinfeld would ever make such a claim. The only actual information I have is the date of "March 1923" written on the back.

boy on pony_March 1923_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

And for those who don't remember that scene in Seinfeld...


Thanks to Laurie at Creating Pictures In My Mind for the kind words today at his blog. Her blog is always interesting and I'm especially drawn to the images at Graveyard Detective, also one of her blogs.


  1. That's a wonderful photo!

    And that clip from Seinfeld is wonderful! Really need to rewatch that show!

  2. Yes, everyone needs a dose of Seinfeld to get the spine tickled.

    I just finished watching the Seinfeld "reunion" on Curb Your Enthusiasm and remembered this photo.

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Oh, I had completely forgotten about that "non-pony" Seinfeld episode. Toooooo funny!

  4. One of the best tv moments.

  5. I asked a co-worker once if she had watched last night's Seinfield. She laughed like that was a dumb question. Because of course she watched it. Along with everyone else.

  6. Seinfeld was probably the best water-cooler show. I can only imagine how many people did Elaine's dance in their office the day after that episode.

  7. And welcome aboard Sharon. I see you belong to SCBWI. I have a friend involved with this group in Los Angeles.