Okay, I know, everyone is hawking stuff and I'm no different. In this economy you have to be creative and I hope you'll find what I've done fits into that niche.

Introducing my latest endeavor, which I've been working on for months.

I've taken several pieces of vintage ephemera in my collection and adapted them to fit products available at Cafe Press. They offer a wide variety of gift items. I'm starting small, but will be adding items in the weeks ahead.

Maybe you'll find something for your family and friends that they won't find elsewhere. Or maybe you just need to give yourself a gift.

If you like what you see let me know.

And I hope you'll pass along the link to others. Tattered and Lost Ephemera Gift Shop!



  1. Wow! Very impressive!! You've been a busy little bee.

    Are your cards prints or are the original postcards attached?

  2. No, they're all new fresh prints. All of the cards I worked from are really old and a mess, even the French book. It took a lot of time to clean them into something useable without taking away completely some of their vintage look. And then turning rectangles into squares had me thinking "Do I really want to do this? Am I out of my mind?" but it all worked. Lots of very late nights trying to fit this in around real jobs for clients.

  3. I fell in love with your birth announcements. I don't even know anyone that's expecting at the moment.

    I wonder if ther is a way to keep a "shop" link on you blog all the time. It is really fun to look at all your stuff.

  4. Eloh,

    You know, I've been working on this very thing ALL day. I am not web proficient. I'm fairly good at Photoshop, but not web stuff so it's been very confusing. I've almost got it. Then I can move on and get back to jobs sitting on my desk and back to blogging.

    I love that baby announcement too. It is from a really tattered postcard I bought at a flea market. It's really in horrible shape, but I saw its potential. I thought it was really special and I'd never seen it before.